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Let's talk about traditional fertilizer

Gardening and the agricultural sector might be perceived as the greenest sector of all. However, a great paradox hides between the leaves. 

Traditional fertiliser contains the ‘right amount of this’ and the ‘right amount of that’ in order to account for most effective growth. Often, these fertilizers are advertised as 'organic'. However, these quality marks can be very misleading... 

Our Product

CoffeeGrow is a high-quality and eco-friendly fertilizer made from recycled coffee grounds. ​

CoffeeGrow makes an all-natural fertilizer designed to make gardening more sustainable. As it contains the most important nutrients for plants, it is an excellent alternative for existing fertilizers.

Repels cats and snails and attracts earthworms. 

Contributes to a healthy soil ecosystem.

Made from recycled waste streams.

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The most sustainable fertilizer.

Our mission

"Our mission is to upcycle coffee grounds into organic fertilizer to reduce environmental damage and inspire gardeners & farmers to make sustainable choices leading to healthier plants whilst supporting the circular economy."

Kilos of coffee grounds recycled so far: