For Plant & Planet


Meet the team

Jouke Hompes

TU Delft - Mechanical Engineering 
Dutch, English

"As a mechanical engineering student I am taught to think solution oriented. For me, CoffeeGrow is the ultimate opportunity to apply this trait in practice and contribute to the rising circular economy at the same time."

Louka Trucksäß

UvA - Business Administration
German, English

"I am proud to be a part of CoffeeGrow as I truly believe we can make a positive impact. In my opinion a fertilizer should not  be this unsustainable substance of last resort but rather something that internalizes the spirit of renewability and sustainability. 

I hope that we at CoffeeGrow can break the bad stigma of fertilizers and offer a sustainable and fun addition to your garden."

Laura Lasso

UvA - Business Administration
Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Luxembourgish, French

"CoffeeGrow is an amazing opportunity to develop myself as an entrepreneur whilst creating a  meaningful business for plant & planet with my passionate team. Together we can make a change to reduce waste and improve eco-friendly gardening!"

Santiago Otiniano Chavez

UvA - Economics
Spanish, Dutch, English

"When looking at the current state of the world, I see that here is much room for the much needed change in the way we treat our planet. However, real change often seems to be just beyond our reach. With CoffeeGrow, I’ve set a new standard for myself. Change in one of the worlds most polluting industries is no longer just a desire, but a task at hand."

We're a team of entrepreneurs determined to create a more sustainable solution for your garden